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 A pipe is a round sleeve used to drain fluid - liquid or gas. Pipeline terminology is usually equated with the term tube, but usually the term for a pipe has a diameter of more than 3/4 in. Based on the standard in its design, the pipe is usually based on its nominal diameter, it usually has an ouside diamter value (OD) or a fixed outer diameter while the thickness uses a schedule term that has varying values.

PT. Luigi Sukses Indonesia is a trusted distributor / supplier that sells the most complete water pipes. We are a wholesaler of the most complete water pipes that have sold many water pipes in various cities in Indonesia. Various leading brands of water pipes are available here. You can easily search and compare various brands of plumbing pipes. And you can also find a list of the prices of plumbing, specifications of plumbing. The products we sell are original products with guaranteed quality SNI and low prices.

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